Wonderful Trip to Ireland

You know I love great food, and it’s my mission every week on Bigger Bolder Baking to share with you simple recipes that deliver impressive results. Also, you’ve requested to see more of my travels. So I thought why not take you along with me and show you some of my favorite food from around the world. Every Monday, in my NEW travel food show, Gemma Eats…, I’ll take you on my culinary adventures including where I grew up in Ireland, my trip to Barcelona, Spain and even new favorites where I live now in Los Angeles. Gemma Eats… begins next Monday, August 7th at 8:30am PT so don’t miss it!

This week’s episode is more like an appetizer for Gemma Eats….so come along with me as I show you my hometown of Wexford, Ireland and get to know a bit more about my family and why we love food so much… My home in Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world with gorgeous landscapes, all sorts of different terrain. And incredible history. And on a rare sunny day there’s nowhere like it. But to me home is really about family…and food. You’ve seen my mum, Pat, before on Bigger Bolder Baking. She’s the original Bold Baker, who inspired me to pursue my passion for food and become a professional chef. The thing is. Food brings my family together. So on my trip, when we really connected was over an incredible lunch my mum prepared. Including insane desserts like my mum’s Banoffee Pie, which we made last St. Patrick’s Day on the show.

Then there was my sister Carol-Ann’s Baked Blueberry Cheesecake that was out of this world. Last, but but not least were my best-ever brownies which you’re all going to see in a future Bigger Bolder Baking episode. (My entire family cooks and enjoys great food.) One person you haven’t seen yet is my Dad, George. Before I was born my dad was a wine merchant. When he was young he worked in vineyards in France and lived a life focused on good food and wine.

He and I spent a good amount of time together on this trip. And we actually became tourists in our own hometown traveling to a place called Hook Head featuring the world’s oldest operational lighthouse. We even took a tour of Ireland’s most-haunted house called Loftus Hall. This placed inspired my Halloween episode from a few years ago. I don’t often get to see my parents so I really enjoy my time with them when I do. A short trip away by boat is a beautiful seaside town called Tramore near Waterford. Now when I say, “My entire family loves to cook and eat…” I really mean the entire family. Including the kids. These are my cousins and they’re already incredible Bold Bakers. Let’s get baking!!! I asked the kids what they wanted to make and they all voted for my Savory Pop-Tarts. I’m glad they picked Pop-Tarts because they’re really easy to make and they’re great for little hands. To be honest with you, I did very little work here since the kids did most of the heavy-lifting.

These Ham & Cheese Pop-Tarts remind me of things my mum would make with us as kids. While we were waiting for the Pop-Tarts to bake, the kids asked if we could make Homemade Starbucks Frappuccinos. I loved this idea because all they had to do was blend a few ingredients together. And we were really lucky that granny Rosaleen had a blender had one to hand. So we raided her fridge. We got some strawberries, milk, blended them all up and made a Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino. Now this was as huge hit. It’s better than the ones you buy in Starbucks. Sorry Starbucks. But then we found a packet of Oreos in the cupboard and we decided to make a Cookies & Cream Frappuccino, too.

Perfect timing because our Pop-Tarts were done! Oh my gosh. Look at that! Gorgeous! I really think the kids did a fantastic job with these! And being in the sunny south east, we sat outside and enjoyed them on this beautiful summer day. Every time I come back to Ireland, I always discover more and more reasons to love this little country of mine. Even though my family has now grown in America, I know that Ireland will always be my home. I hope you enjoyed this episode and make sure to tune in right here next Monday, August 7th for the premiere of my travel food show, Gemma Eats… Did you hear that…Kevin. We need to get on that. Start playing online casino in Ireland. I know. Maybe we’ll do a gambling series…we’re thinking of doing something like that…