Epic Ireland Road Trip

Last year we started right here in County Sligo went south all the way up to Dublin. This year we’re doing the north. We’ve come to a bit of an Irish road block. Whose dog was this in the show? This is Rob’s dog We finally made it to Winterfell And now you die.

First things first. It’s time to jump into the water. Today we’re up in Mullaghmore.

We’re going to go coasteering which is a mix of coastal walking with cliff jumping. We’ve got one of the biggest wave spots in Europe just around the corner. So as you can imagine the energy around here is powerful. What we try to do is encourage people to conquer their fear of heights, number one and conquer their fear of open water.

We’ve got board shorts, booties, pants, helmet, life vest, and we’re about to jump off a cliff into the ocean and go explore some caves. Water is nice; not too cold. Fresh.

If you feel you’ve mistimed it and you’re getting pulled, just let go. You don’t want to fight it. Mother nature is always going to win the physical contest every time.

Coasteering – It’s the first time I’ve ever done this. It’s kind of like canyoneering, except on the coast and with cliffs. We kind of grew up doing cliff jumps in California, so…. it’s kind of cool to switch it up, switch the temperature, switch the scenery and hop back in the ocean. How do you feel, Bro? I feel great.

This looks a lot like The Worm Hole where we went cliff jumping on Aran Islands That’s where Red Bull does their cliff jumping event There are big slabs of rock going into the ocean at a diagonal, and it’s just so beautiful. If you would jump, let us know. Put that in the comment section.

Just say, “Jump.” “Not jump.” I love this. We’re at Eithna’s By The Sea and we’re going to be grubbing on some delicious seafood.

Well this is my weakness; seafood platter, crab, lobster, mussels, seafood chowder. There’s no way we’re eating all this, man. This is insane. Here we have some of the local sea spaghetti, which is almost like pasta, which is why they call it that.

In this case, it’s blended pasta, little bit of lemon sauce and see how it tastes. This is so good. Ready for a hike? Let’s go! More coastal walking. All right, guys.

We have just got to Slieve League pronounced nothing how it is written. These are Europe’s highest sea cliffs, and the view is just spectacular. This, to me, is what represents the beauty of Ireland. You know what time it is? Got to get that shot for Instagram.

This is beautiful right here. If you’ve not seen this shot, go over to our Instagram right now and give it a like, and check out the other photos from the trip. So spectacular. Posted up on this little rock. Feet dangling a couple hundred feet over the ocean.

And this beautiful mountain range right in front of us. This mountain range in Ireland across the Atlantic Ocean used to be connected to a mountain range in Nova Scotia in the Eastern Seaboard of Canada. It’s just insane to think about time, geological time, and how far we’ve come and how far we’ve drifted. So stoked to be back in Ireland and exploring Northern Ireland and this stretch of wild coast again. Really, really excited.

This sort of beauty is incredible. This really reminds me of the fiords of Western Iceland, and it makes Ireland feel, often times, like a Nordic vibe country. What really trips me out is that this is all common land. Twenty-five farmers’ sheep graze here.

These guys back here are sheared for wool to make Donegal’s most famous export: tweed. We’re going to go check out a local tweed maker with a very cool story, just down the road. I think this is the place. We’ll find out.

Hello. Hey. I’m Marko. How’s it going? Nice to meet you.

My brother, Alex. Nice to meet you. I’ll shut this then. My name is Kieran Malloy, and we’re part of Malloy and Sons.

We’re a weaving business based in Donegal, Ireland, specializing in Donegal tweeds. We’re sixth generation. We’ve been weaving on the same spot… my father, his dad, his dad. The unique part of it is the flecks.

That what is the defining characteristic. Cool. Quite a plain color background, but then with the different flecks of color popping out of it. That’s what has always been the traditional aspect of the Donegals: these spots of color within the cloth. He was nice enough to gift us this beautiful blanket Question is: whose bed is that going on? the couch.

The shared couch. All right. I like it. Well, thank you very much.

You’re welcome. Sincerely appreciate it. What’s the number right now? 215 Will [Laughs] It’s Will.

He’s here. Ok. Good, good, good. Yep, we’re back. I’m excited for the rest of this trip. Last year we started pretty much in the same place and went counter clockwise to Dublin. This year we’re completing the circle around the north of the island.

Tomorrow we’re going to be leaving the Republic of Ireland and going to Northern Ireland. We’ll show you more about that when we get there. For now, Slainte Thanks for reading.